Laura B. Horwitz
1. Has very limited athletic ability now,
but somehow scored a basket against
Michael Jordan at the Bulls stadium
when she was eight.

2. Wanted to be a romance writer after
seeing the movie "Romancing the
Stone," particularly after the author
dubs herself a "hopeful romantic"
instead of a "hopeless" one.

3. She wrote her first novel during a
one week vacation in Hawaii at age 14.
It was a fantasty called "The Staff of
Tarana," inspired by the Terry Brooks
novel "The Sword of Shanara." No
similarities there. :-)

4. Her favorite movie has always been
"The Princess Bride," and she actually
dated a boy named Wesley for two
years in college.

5. Wrote her first travel memoir after
getting dumped by the man she
wanted to marry. After a period of
drinking and moping, she decided to
flee from everyone and everything
familiar and went to Africa.
Five Fun Facts
About Laura:
Laura graduated with honors from the College of
Creative Studies at U.C. Santa Barbara and
received a Master's Degree from the National Film
and Television School in London.

She originally wanted to become a screenwriter,
so immediately after college she moved to Los
Angeles to become an intern on
Malcolm in the
e and then a production assistant on 24:
Season One

Realizing Hollywood wasn't the place for her, she
decided to move to Europe and ended up there
for five years (one year in France, four years in

While living in London, she helped to create an
online entertainment magazine called 6 Degrees
Film. She also (without ever understanding why)
got assigned a monthly gardening column in the
magazine RH Review, even though she admits
she has a black thumb. In college she once
managed to kill a cactus.

Now, back in LA, she works as a freelance writer
for a variety of websites while continuing to write