“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
George Bernard Shaw

What do travel and relationships have in common? The former is the
perfect way to recover from the latter! When I had my heart broken, I went
through the usual stages of excessive drinking, sobbing hysterically,
feeling utterly unlovable and like I’d never meet anyone else. Then one
day I woke up and decided to go to Ghana. I do realize running off to
Africa isn’t the usual response to a broken heart, but it made perfect
sense to me at the time.
What is this blog about?
That journey led me to write my first travel
memoir, and thus this blog does have a
definite travel theme. But I’m also currently
working on two other projects. First, a non-
fiction book about women in the 21st century,
which includes topics like the much-discussed
debate on whether having sex or holding
hands is more indicative of a relationship,
along with far more serious subjects such as
the fact that today 1/3 of all women are raped.

On a much lighter note, my second project is
a romantic suspense novel. So thanks to
those two books, this blog will also frequently
discuss romance and relationships.
And that brings us to the title of this blog: the road not (yet) taken. Every time you
travel, begin or end a relationship, or make a decision that sends your life in a new
direction, you’re choosing that road you have not yet taken. Now that you’re about to, it
can be unbelievably terrifying. Exciting too, of course. Ultimately, that’s what this blog is
about – new discoveries: the big and the small, the life-changing and those that create
one truly indelible moment.