DIRECTOR – Filmography

  • 2006, Akwaaba – Welcome to Ghana (In Post-Production)
This is a documentary I filmed solo while spending 3 months volunteering in Ghana. It focuses on the positive aspects of life in Ghana,
instead of the corruption, poverty, and disease most people immediately think of when they imagine Africa. It includes the triumph of
Ghana during the 2006 World Cup, the wildlife of northern Ghana, life in the capital, and several other villages throughout the country.

  • 2004, Vegging Out (Director & Producer)
10-minute short film about a waitress working in a vegetarian restaurant in London who's panicking because she's 36-years-old and is
still "just a waitress." In spite of her best intentions to set goals, break up with her pot-head boyfriend, and turn her life around, the
stress of this one evening immediately sends her back to her old ways with the promise that "she'll start her new life tomorrow."

  • 2001,
Directed the pilot of a series of twelve 5-min episodes for the internet company Nibblebox Entertainment Bytes. It's a 12-step program
for overcoming a broken heart, but not always the healthiest of steps since some of them include "ego boosting revenge sex" and "the
stalking phase."

WRITER – Filmography

  • 2006, Freedom's Cost
A historical fiction screenplay about two sisters living in Lyon, France during World War II. While one sister eagerly joins the French
Resistance, the other sister – who must raise 2 young children on her own while her husband is in a prisoner-of-war camp in Germany
– befriends a German soldier and veers towards collaboration to make her own life easier. I researched this script while spending a
year living in France, speaking with former members of the resistance, visiting important sites, and reading original documents from the

  • 2006, Avoiding Mr. Right
A romantic comedy about a career-driven woman who's terrified of being vulnerable and falling in love.

  • 2005, Snow in July
An adaptation of the novel Snow in July about two sisters living in Butte, Montana. The younger sister, Erin, dealing with graduating high
school and figuring out her own life, must also handle the return of her drug-addicted older sister Meghan and her children.

  • 2004, Fortune's Fools
A Romeo and Juliet story about two sixteen-year olds in love, Rachel and Nick. Neither of their parents approve since Nick is Hispanic
and Rachel is Caucasian. However, on the day Rachel discovers she's pregnant with Nick's child, Nick is killed in a car accident.
Rachel's father insists on his daughter getting an abortion while Nick's parents, devout Catholics who have just lost their only son,
desperately want her to keep this baby. It's set against the backdrop of a fictionalized version of the Rodney King riots.

  • 2003, Tess of the d'Urbervilles
An adaptation of Thomas Hardy's moving Victorian novel, Tess of the d'Urbervilles, about a young woman named Tess who takes the
weight of the world upon her shoulders and suffers through the complicated love of two men.

  • 2001,
See above entry under "Director – Filmography." In addition to directing the pilot, I created the concept and wrote the series.

Miscellaneous Crew – Filmography

  • "24" – production assistant during the show's first season

  • "Ball & Chain" – production assistant for this TV pilot for Fox that was never aired

  • "Malcolm in the Middle" – intern in the production office


Oct 2005 – June 2006                Regard Croisés Franco-British Screenwriting Workshop

Regard Croisés is an annual workshop with 4 places open to English-speaking writers and 4 places open to French writers. It consists
of 3 separate meetings – one during the Dinard Film Festival in October, another in conjunction with the Ciné Lumière festival in
London in January, and a 3rd in Paris in June. Participants prepare 3 drafts of their script and have individual and group sessions with a
variety of French and British screenwriters and producers including the renowned writers Pierre Trividic and Troy Kennedy Martin.

Jan 2003 – Dec 2004                
National Film and Television School, Masters in Screenwriting

Degree overview:        Two year course. First year focused on studying and writing a variety of short films and creating an idea for a new
television series. Three of my short films were made. During the second year, I wrote two feature films and directed and produced a
short film.

Sept 1997 – June 2001        
University of California, Santa Barbara (College of Creative Studies)

Degree overview:        B.A. (Honours) in English Literature with an emphasis on Creative Writing and Film