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Laura B Horwitz
Writing, Editing, and Photography
  • Writing

Do you need an internationally published writer to help create the
contents for your brochure, website, or direct-response marketing
campaign? Would you like articles about your products or services?
Or does your magazine need more freelance contributions?

With experience in both business and creative writing, including
articles ranging from entertainment coverage to film reviews, home
improvement, gardening, and educational and career advice, Laura
can write about anything you need.

  • Editing

How about an experienced proofreader? Someone who has edited
multi-million dollar catalogues, screenplays, articles, web pages,
and books?

  • Photography

Do you need a photographer to cover your event? How about some
images to enhance your written content? View the photography
samples on this site including exotic locations, celebrities, and

Laura Horwitz can help!