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15 Worst (and/or Funniest) Breakup Lines

We’ve all been dumped before, probably more than once. And I’m sure most of us have heard that old clichéd line “It’s not you, it’s me.” My last serious boyfriend ended things with “I love you, but I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Introspection and Dealing with Your Dark Side

Too often when a relationship ends or you feel rejected, you start asking yourself, “What’s wrong with me?” Naturally our friends tell us “There’s nothing wrong with you! You’re so much better off without [whoever] in your life.” And on … Continue reading

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Which Country Does More to Help Its Poor: the U.S. or Ghana?

Which country do you think does more to help its poor and hungry, the United States or Ghana? While a few cities in the US have made strides towards helping their homeless, most have gone the opposite direction and passed … Continue reading

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Friends with Benefits: Does It Ever Work?

Another blog about relationships (or lack thereof) this week, but stay tuned for more travel themed fare in the coming weeks. It seems a spate of movies have come out recently about friends with benefits like ”No Strings Attached” and even the … Continue reading

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Travel memoir with a twist: healing a broken heart

Instead of the traditional travel memoir focused entirely on a place, my upcoming book “Ghana Heal a Broken Heart” (working title – to give suggestions for a new title please click here) also chronicles the story of attempting to get over the love of my life. I’d had an epiphany – quitting a man is like quitting smoking. You can’t do it until you truly want to. If you simply think you should quit, then chances of success remain low. Continue reading

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