Introducing my Alter Ego

After six months away, I’m finally returning to this blog. Aren’t you excited? :-) For the last several months I’ve been working on writing a romance novella entitled “Pursuit of a Kiss,” which will be available for purchase next week under my new pen name Lola Drake.

Why the new split personality? You might know this already, but in case you don’t it’s actually something many authors do when they write in different genres. This way their readers know what to expect. So for instance, once my Ghana travel memoir is published, readers looking for a steamy romance won’t buy it and be disappointed – and vice versa.

Because I now have my alter ego Lola Drake, and she needs her own blog as well, I’m going to attempt to make each blog somewhat more subject specific instead of discussing whatever pops into my head each week. Since Lola is the author of romances, all the dating/love/sex stuff will now be on her blog. If those are the entries that interest you more, please check out her website or like her on Facebook to get updates when a new blog is posted.

As for┬áthis blog, I’m going to do more on travel, writing, and in all honesty probably anything else that pops into my head that isn’t related to dating/relationships/sex. I’ll try to narrow that down a bit more in the coming weeks.

Thank you to all of you who used to follow this blog. I hope you’ll do so again now that it’s back. And if you prefer to follow Lola┬áDrake instead, well, I’ll try not to get jealous of her. ;-)

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