Top 20 Stupid Tourist Questions & Comments from Around the World

I remember one day at a museum in Helsinki cringing over the antics of two stereotypical brash American tourists. First of all, you have to understand, 99% of the people in Finland speak English. Many even speak it with better grammar than a good portion of Americans. But apparently when these two had stopped someone on the street to ask for directions, they found one person who couldn’t understand them.

Eventually they found this museum that they had been seeking, and proceeded – while wandering around an almost silent exhibit room – to complain in booming voices about how rude it is that people don’t bother to learn English. Continue reading

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10 Fun Facts About Sex You Never Wanted to Know

How has sex changed throughout history? Obviously the mechanics of sex have remained the same, but what about our attitudes towards it? Ancient Greeks embraced love between two men as the most pure form of love (although this wasn’t necessarily sexual love). Ancient Romans celebrated orgiastic Bacchanalian festivals until the hedonism and lawlessness of the rites caused them to be outlawed in 186BC.

But just how similar were our ancient ancestors to us today? Well, for starters:

1. Did you know our ancient ancestors invented the dildo long before they invented the wheel? Continue reading

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Which Might Mean a Relationship: Holding Hands or Having Sex?

Simple question, right? Hardly. Depending on your situation the answer could be both or neither, and if it is just one the answer is far more likely to be holding hands. Sex alone almost never indicates a relationship these days unless you’ve actually discussed being exclusive before getting naked. And holding hands while walking down the street can sometimes indicate affection without any commitment. Or maybe you dated for a while, started having sex, and now it seems the relationship is all about simply hanging out and having sex – what exactly does that mean? Not to mention that everyone seems to interpret “we’re seeing each other” vs. “we’re dating” differently – to some people they’re the same thing, to others dating implies far more committment. Continue reading

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Welcome to Jamaica

I wanted to write about Jamaica this week since I just got back from there. But then I realized my entire vacation consisted of lying on a beach sipping cocktails, socializing with other guests at the resort, and attending a beautiful sunset wedding on the beach. I didn’t actually experience much of the country. I can tell you the beach in Negril lived up to its reputation, and the Caribbean Sea is Continue reading

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15 Worst (and/or Funniest) Breakup Lines

We’ve all been dumped before, probably more than once. And I’m sure most of us have heard that old clichéd line “It’s not you, it’s me.” My last serious boyfriend ended things with “I love you, but I’m not sure if I’m in love with you.” Hmm….

Since lately it seems as if my friends and I have had to deal with a variety of moronic men and women (yes, ladies, we can be just as guilty of flimsy/bitchy breakups), I decided to do a poll of the funniest/worst breakup lines people have gotten. Some go without saying: breaking up with someone via text or email, simply disappearing with no explanation, or acting like such a jerk the other person is forced to break up with you. But apart from those, here are the top 15 worst and/or funniest breakup lines: Continue reading

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Introspection and Dealing with Your Dark Side

Too often when a relationship ends or you feel rejected, you start asking yourself, “What’s wrong with me?” Naturally our friends tell us “There’s nothing wrong with you! You’re so much better off without [whoever] in your life.” And on the whole I think that’s usually true – relationships can fail without one person being at fault or having anything specifically wrong with them.

But once you move past the “what’s wrong with me” stage, how many of us take the time for some serious introspection? Continue reading

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Which Country Does More to Help Its Poor: the U.S. or Ghana?

Which country do you think does more to help its poor and hungry, the United States or Ghana? While a few cities in the US have made strides towards helping their homeless, most have gone the opposite direction and passed legislation that essentially criminalizes indigence. Continue reading

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Friends with Benefits: Does It Ever Work?

Another blog about relationships (or lack thereof) this week, but stay tuned for more travel themed fare in the coming weeks.

It seems a spate of movies have come out recently about friends with benefits like ”No Strings Attached” and even the upcoming film actually called “Friends with Benefits.” Granted, I haven’t seen either of these movies, but since they’re romantic comedies I’m assuming the couples get together in the end after realizing they truly love each other and want more than just sex. But, honestly, has that ever happened to anyone in real life? Continue reading

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Travel memoir with a twist: healing a broken heart

Instead of the traditional travel memoir focused entirely on a place, my upcoming book “Ghana Heal a Broken Heart” (working title – to give suggestions for a new title please click here) also chronicles the story of attempting to get over the love of my life. I’d had an epiphany – quitting a man is like quitting smoking. You can’t do it until you truly want to. If you simply think you should quit, then chances of success remain low. Continue reading

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Title for my Book

Right now my travel memoir is called “The Healing Touch of Ghana,” but unfortunately that’s a bit too ethereal for the tone of the book. Some new ideas include doing a play on words such as “Ghana Heal a Broken Heart” or “Ghana Get Through This.” Continue reading

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