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Is Sex Addiction a Real Thing?

The psychiatric community itself can’t seem to answer that question. Sex addiction is not yet an official disease in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Yet rehab centers now find themselves filled with self-proclaimed sex addicts, especially … Continue reading

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Ugly People Need Not Apply…

I started out this week writing about online dating turn-offs (and for those of you who requested this topic I will cover it soon). But while doing research on the biggest online turn-offs, I came across this story and felt … Continue reading

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10 Fun Facts About Sex You Never Wanted to Know

How has sex changed throughout history? Obviously the mechanics of sex have remained the same, but what about our attitudes towards it? Ancient Greeks embraced love between two men as the most pure form of love (although this wasn’t necessarily … Continue reading

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Which Country Does More to Help Its Poor: the U.S. or Ghana?

Which country do you think does more to help its poor and hungry, the United States or Ghana? While a few cities in the US have made strides towards helping their homeless, most have gone the opposite direction and passed … Continue reading

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